»Application Configuration

Waypoint can configure your application via environment variables via the CLI using waypoint config.

Applications often take configuration such as database URLs, ports to listen on, etc. in the form of environment variables. Using waypoint config, you can set these variables and Waypoint will automatically make them available to your application.

This functionality requires the Waypoint entrypoint.

»Setting Configuration

Configuration can be set using waypoint config set.

$ waypoint config set DATABASE_URL="postgresql://example.com:5432"

This will make the DATABASE_URL environment variable present with the given value for all deployed applications.

»Project Scope

waypoint config set will set variables by default scoped to the project. This means that all applications within your project will have the environment variable set.

»Application Scope

You may use the -app flag to scope a variable to a specific application. For this scope, only a specific application in the project will have the configuration set.

$ waypoint config set -app web PORT=8080

»Unsetting Configuration

To delete a configuration variable, set it to the empty string.