»Examples Repository

This walkthrough uses an example NodeJS application to show you how to build, deploy and release using Waypoint.

This example app is part of the Waypoint Examples applications. You will need a local clone of this repository on your computer to complete this walkthrough.

Clone the Waypoint Examples repository and navigate to the Nomad NodeJS example directory.

$ git clone https://github.com/hashicorp/waypoint-examples.git

$ cd waypoint-examples/nomad/nodejs

»A Nomad Environment

Waypoint supports Nomad both as a location for running the Waypoint server and as a target to deploy and run application workloads on.

To get started with Nomad, review the HashiCorp Learn Nomad tutorials. For the purposes of this guide, it is assumed that you will be running a nomad deployment using nomad agent -dev -network-interface="en0" where en0 is the primary network interface on your local system.

You will also want to export the NOMAD_ADDR environment variable. Waypoint will call this variable for interacting with the Nomad environment. In the case of a local environment as described above, you should execute the following command

$ export NOMAD_ADDR='localhost:4646'

»Next Step

Getting Started: Install Waypoint