»Server Maintenance

A Waypoint server needs to be maintained to ensure smooth operation and to protect against unexpected events such as server crashes. This page outlines various maintenance-related topics for smooth operation of a Waypoint server.


Server logs are output to stderr.

For waypoint install-based servers, logs are always very verbose (-vvv). For manually run servers, you can control log level using multiple -v flags or by setting WAYPOINT_LOG_LEVEL to one of "trace", "debug", "info", "warn", or "error".


The Waypoint server stores data into a single data.db file.

»Path to Database

For waypoint install-based servers:

  • Docker - /data/data.db
  • Kubernetes - /data/data.db
  • Nomad - /alloc/data.db

For manually run servers, it is dependent on the value of the -db flag.

»Backup / Restore

Backup and restore currently require that the server is not running.

While the server is offline, you can copy or replace the database file to perform a backup and restore.