»Azure Container Instances


ECS uses Docker images for building, which are generated by these builders:

»azure-container-instance (platform)

Deploy a container to Azure Container Instances.


  • Input: docker.Image
  • Output: aci.Deployment



The capacity details for the container.

  • Type: *aci.Capacity


Number of CPUs to allocate the container, min 1, max based on resource availability of the region.


Memory to allocate the container specified in MB, min 1024, max based on resource availability of the region.


The resource location to deploy the container instance to.

  • Type: string
  • Optional


The managed identity assigned to the container group.

  • Type: string
  • Optional


The ports the container is listening on, the first port in this list will be used by the entrypoint binary to direct traffic to your application.

  • Type: []int
  • Optional


The resource group to deploy the container to.

  • Type: string


Environment variables to control broad modes of the application.

Environment variables that are meant to configure the application in a static way. This might be control an image that has multiple modes of operation, selected via environment variable. Most configuration should use the waypoint config commands.

  • Type: map[string]string
  • Optional


The Azure subscription id.

If not set uses the environment variable AZURE_SUBSCRIPTION_ID.

  • Type: string
  • Optional


The volume details for a container.

  • Type: []aci.Volume


The details for the Azure file share volume.


The details for GitHub repo to mount as a volume.


The name of the volume to mount into the container.


The path to mount the volume to in the container.


Specify if the volume is read only.


deploy "azure-container-instance" {
    resource_group = "resource-group-name"
    location       = "westus"
    ports          = [8080]

    capacity {
      memory = "1024"
      cpu_count = 4

    volume {
      name = "vol1"
      path = "/consul"
      read_only = true

      git_repo {
        repository = "https://github.com/hashicorp/consul"
        revision = "v1.8.3"