»Google Cloud Run


Google Cloud Run uses Docker images for building, which are generated by these builders:

»google-cloud-run (platform)

Deploy a container to Google Cloud Run.




Configuration to control the auto scaling parameters for Cloud Run.

  • Type: *cloudrun.AutoScaling


Maximum number of Cloud Run instances. When the maximum requests per container is exceeded, Cloud Run will create an additional container instance to handle load. This parameter controls the maximum number of instances that can be created.


CPU, Memory, and resource limits for each Cloud Run instance.

  • Type: *cloudrun.Capacity


Number of CPUs to allocate the Cloud Run instance, min 1, max 2.


Maximum number of concurrent requests each instance can handle. When the maximum requests are exceeded, Cloud Run will create an additional instance.


Memory to allocate the Cloud Run instance specified in MB, min 128, max 4096.


Maximum time a request can take before timing out, max 900.


GCP location, e.g. europe-north-1.

  • Type: string


The port your application listens on.

  • Type: int
  • Optional


GCP project ID where the Cloud Run instance will be deployed.

  • Type: string


Additional environment variables to be added to the Cloud Run instance.

  • Type: map[string]string
  • Optional


Is public unauthenticated access allowed for the Cloud Run instance?.

  • Type: *bool
  • Optional


project = "wpmini"

app "wpmini" {
  labels = {
    "service" = "wpmini",
    "env"     = "dev"

  build {
    use "pack" {}

    registry {
      use "docker" {
        image = "gcr.io/waypoint-project-id/wpmini"
        tag   = "latest"

  deploy {
    use "google-cloud-run" {
      project  = "waypoint-project-id"
      location = "europe-north1"

      port = 5000

      static_environment = {
        "NAME" : "World"

      capacity {
        memory                     = 128
        cpu_count                  = 2
        max_requests_per_container = 10
        request_timeout            = 300

      auto_scaling {
        max = 10

  release {
    use "google-cloud-run" {}

»google-cloud-run (releasemanager)

Manipulates the Cloud Run APIs to make deployments active.