»CloudNative Buildpacks

»pack (builder)

Create a Docker image using CloudNative Buildpacks.


  • Input: component.Source
  • Output: pack.Image


»Allow pack images to be used as normal docker images

  • Input: pack.Image
  • Output: docker.Image



The buildpack builder image to use.

  • Type: string
  • Optional
  • Default: heroku/buildpacks:18


If set, the entrypoint binary won't be injected into the image.

The entrypoint binary is what provides extended functionality such as logs and exec. If it is not injected at build time the expectation is that the image already contains it.

  • Type: bool
  • Optional


build {
  use "pack" {
    builder     = "heroku/buildpacks:18"
    disable_entrypoint = false